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Rules & Guidelines

Dress Code, Cell Phone & Electronic Equipment Guidelines

Dress Code Guidelines:

It is the policy of Boonville Middle School to create an environment that will improve academic performance, civility, and safety issues for all students.  To aid in this improvement, the Warrick County School Corporation Dress Code policy shall apply.  Also, there shall be:

1. No gum chewing, candy or food on campus with the exception of a student lunch or teacher permission.   Additional exceptions may be granted by the administration.  

2. Any open container must contain only water, with clear sides or a clear lid.

3.  No ripped or torn pants above the knee, they may be patched or leggings/tights worn underneath.

4. No pajamas or house shoes.

5. Shirts and pants must overlap, even when sitting.

6. Skirts, dresses and shorts must extend beyond fingertips. 

7. Tops must be no more than one card length* below the notch in the base of the neck and one card length below the back of the neck.

8. T-shirt/top straps must be at least the width* of the card.

9. No spandex or tights may be worn unless covered.

10. Demerits issued by or for a substitute teacher may  be doubled by the administration.

11.  Any clothing violation will result in change of clothes along with 2 demerits. 

*Card length and card width are the measurements of a standard credit card, equal to the size of a WCSC identification tag.

**Students must have a hall pass filled out and signed by the classroom teacher to leave a classroom. 


Cell Phone and Electronic Equipment:


* Students may bring cell phones to school. 

*     Students may NOT photo, record, or video students or teachers without permission.

* Students must turn the cell phone off prior to their arrival on campus and leave it in their locker.

* Students are not to use their cell phones upon arrival on school campus grounds in the morning. 

* Students are not to use their cell phones until they have left the building after school. 


• 1st offense- Confiscation, 1 demerit and student pick-up phone from office. 

• 2nd offense- Confiscation, 2 demerits and parent pick-up of the phone. 

• 3rd offense- Confiscation, check in phone at office daily.  Failure to do so will result in further disciplinary action. 

• Further offenses will result in Saturday School sessions or suspensions and parent pick-up of the phone.



All electronic equipment will be subject to the same possession and use guidelines as cell phones.