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Social Studies

Welcome to the BMS Social Studies Department. This site provides information to students and parents related to their social studies classes.


6th Grade / World History - In 6th grade, students will explore historic movements, events, and figures that contributed to the development of modern Europe and America from early civilizations. Students will compare and contrast forms of government in different historical periods by examining the rights and responsibilities of individuals in different political systems. Students will identify major physical features of countries in Europe and Western Hemisphere. Lastly, students will explore the economic world. The civilizations/time periods students will explore are: Mexico, Canada, Native Cultures (Maya, Olmec, Aztec, and Incas), Ancient Greece, Roman Empire and the Medieval times.

7th Grade / Geography - World Geography is the social studies course required by the state for seventh graders. The focus of this course is the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will study the physical and cultural geography of Africa, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific which includes historical, economic, political, and cultural relationships. This study includes the following regions: Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Southwest Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania). As a result of the studies in this course, students will develop chronological thinking, comprehension, analytical, and interpretation skills. Students will enhance research skills, make decisions, and solve problems. This course will also allow students to examine the Earth/sun relationships, seasons, climates, global time zones, and the effects of latitude/longitude.

8th Grade / US History - In grade 8, students focus upon United States history, beginning with a brief review of early history, including the Revolution and founding era, and the principles of the United States and Indiana constitutions, as well as other founding documents and their applications to subsequent periods of national history and to civic and political life. Students will study: national development, westward expansion, social reform movements, and the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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