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Health & PE

Welcome to the Health and Physical Education department home page. Health and Physical Education classes are taught at 6th, 7th and 8th grade and offered to all 3 grades during both semesters.


6th GRADE HEALTH - 6th grade health is designed to educate students in the basic terminology and skill sets relating to health. The information in 6th grade will be expanded and utilized into deeper thinking and understanding with each progressive grade level. Health topics include first aid/CPR, mental/emotional health, social health, physical health, body systems, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, safety and family life.

7th GRADE HEALTH - 7th grade Health is designed to educate students on healthy lifestyle choices using a variety of activities. Units consist of mental, emotional and social health; growth and development; personal health; alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; and accident prevention and safety. Students will also experience units on life skills, family life, and hunter's education.

8th GRADE HEALTH - 8th grade Health is designed to educate students on different systems of the human body using a variety of activities and units. Other units consist of consumer health; alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; and accident safety and prevention. At the 8th grade level students will have units in life skills, and family life. Health is designed to give students an active role in protecting, maintaining, and improving their daily lives.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Physical Education is taught for a semester in 7th and 8th grades. The Physical Education classes are designed to provide students with a multitude of activities to enhance their physical fitness levels. These activities range from team to individual; competitive to recreational; and dance. To aid in the monitoring of each student's physical fitness level, a variety of tests and measurements are taken from the beginning of the semester and compared to the results from the end of the semester. These results are issued to the students at the end of the semester.

Health and PE Teachers