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Mission Statement

The mission of the Boonville Middle community is to facilitate the growth of every student in a safe, nurturing, respectful environment in which high expectations are the rule. Boonville Middle School is committed to the belief that all students have the ability to learn and excel. All students are encouraged to be responsible, disciplined, problem-solving individuals. Boonville Middle is invested in producing tomorrow's successful leaders.

School Vision:

PantherAt Boonville Middle, we believe all students deserve a free education, including a challenging curriculum and access to appropriate technology for all. We believe that all students deserve to be surrounded by adults who actively support and recognize their academic and extracurricular efforts. We believe that all students deserve to be held to a high standard academically and behaviorally. We believe that all students deserve appropriate remediation in areas where standards are not mastered.

We believe that all students deserve to leave Boonville Middle with a skill set that equips them to be successful in high school and beyond. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to earn respect and to improve their behavior and grades. We believe that all students deserve a voice in their education. We believe that all students deserve a safe, structured, and caring environment free of distractions. We believe that our staff should inspire students to meet these goals each and every day.

In our community, individuals strive to live by these core beliefs daily. All adults are positive role models who recognize students' maximum potential and challenge them to live up to it. All teachers are active in the local community and are present every day, prepared with authentic activities, and enthusiastic about teaching all students. All teachers are highly qualified in their teaching areas, trained to use appropriate technology, and willing to adjust ineffective teaching methods. All teachers engage in ongoing professional development and continuous learning to enrich their teaching and the entire learning experience. All teachers provide ample opportunities for student success and are available for student help as needed. All parents and community members support educators by reinforcing the importance of education and personal responsibility. All parents provide the basic needs for their students as well as nurturing home environments. All community members are involved in the school through community partnerships, volunteering, donations, mentoring, and attendance at school functions. All adults accept, support, and enforce the established academic and behavior policies, applying them as equitably as possible to all students in all situations.

In this environment, all students are enthusiastic about learning, make their education a top priority, and have a strong desire to succeed in school and beyond. All students expect a challenging curriculum, monitor their progress, and communicate with adults to find ways to improve. All students are aware of current technology and use it appropriately to enhance their education. All students maintain a healthy lifestyle, are well-rested, well-fed, and dressed appropriately when they arrive at school on time each day with the necessary supplies. All students exhibit integrity and strong character, respecting themselves, others, authority, and property. All students are alert, attentive, and creative, and work well with peers and educators to complete assigned work and learn a variety of study skills, including using time wisely. All students are involved in extra-curricular activities and/or clubs. All students understand that their behavior and choices today will shape their future, and so they use critical-thinking skills to resolve conflicts and make good decisions. All students come to school ready to make each day count.