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Welcome to the Boonville Middle School Math Department. Our school has the SSP program. The seventh grade math classes offered are Math 7, and Math 7/Honors. The eighth grade math classes offered are Math 8, and Algebra 1/Honors.


Math 7 - Students use scientific notation and square roots. They convert between fractions and decimals. They express relationships using algebra and identify attributes of geometric shapes. They compare units of measure and use similarity to solve problems. They compute the perimeter, area, and volume of irregular geometric objects. They identify relationships among variables within a data set and use probability to make predictions about events. Students also make decisions about how to solve problems and communicate their ideas. Prerequisites: Students will be selected for this course by successful completion of the sixth grade math standards.

Math 8 - Physical Education is taught for a semester in 7th and 8th grades. The Physical Education classes are designed to provide students with a multitude of activities to enhance their physical fitness levels. These activities range from team to individual; competitive to recreational; and dance. To aid in the monitoring of each student's physical fitness level, a variety of tests and measurements are taken from the beginning of the semester and compared to the results from the end of the semester. These results are issued to the students at the end of the semester.

Algebra I / Honors - Algebra I provides a formal development of the algebra skills and concepts necessary for students to succeed in advanced courses. In particular, the instructional program in this course provides for the use of algebraic skills in a wide range of problem-solving situations. The concept of function is emphasized throughout the course. Topics include: (1) operations with real numbers, (2) linear equations and inequalities, (3) rela- tions and functions, (4) polynomials, (5) algebraic fractions, and (6) nonlinear equations. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Math 7/Honors course.

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