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Health / Nurse Office

Health Office / School Nurse

Attendance is kept in this office. Parents are asked to call daily with the reason their child is absent. Homework is given after 3 days absence.

Students with special needs such as asthma, diabetes & other chronic illnesses are monitored. Parents are asked to notify this office of any special needs that their child may have.

Medication is dispensed as directed by a doctor or parent. Prescription medications must be labeld according to the doctor's prescription. ALL medication must be in the original container. Do not send medication in a baggie or envelope. We are not allowed to dispense it this way. We are prohibited by law from sending medication home with students. All medication must be picked up by a parent or designated adult. Students are allowed to carry medication only when designated by a doctor.

If you have any concerns at any time we urge you to please call.

6th Grade Immunization Requirements